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Kyubit Business Intelligence

Kyubit Business Intelligence software overview :

Your business data is stored in SQL / OLAP database or CSV files?
Kyubit BI tools will bring user friendly, web based environment to create and organize :
  • interactive dashboards
  • KPIs
  • Attractive analysis reports
To share them with your team using desktop and mobile devices.

OLAP Analysis Tools
Kyubit Business Intelligence delivers OLAP Analysis tools with web based analysis interactive visualizations for 'MS Analysis Services' Multidimensional/Tabular models. Quick product setup, advanced OLAP analytic features, visual analysis, reports, dashboard usage and analysis subscriptions are key OLAP analysis features of Kyubit BI tools.
Self-Services BI Tools
Quickly create 'Analytic Models' based on your data stored in CSV files or SQL query results, that are ready for analysis, reporting and dashboard usage by all authorized users. Only using Kyubit BI without third-party analytic software, you will be able to do deep analytics of your data with drill-downs, drill-throughs, slicers and other analytic features.

Dashboard Tools
Using data from your SQL/OLAP databases or CSV files to quickly design and present most valuable information from your business environment with Kyubit Dashboards Tools. Collaborate with your team on interactive BI content. KPI, Scorecards and Gauges presents visual success metric tools, data visualizations and trend indicators
Analytic Features
  • OLAP & Self-Service Analysis & Reports
  • Simple Drag-and-Drop Approach
  • Analytic Report - Scheduled Subscriptions
  • Analytic Report - Export to PDF/Excel files
  • Share Analytic Reports with Authorized Users
  • Analytic Analysis on the Dashboards
  • Analytic Analysis on Mobile Devices
  • Analytic Report team Collaboration
  • Integrate Analytic Reports to Your App
Dashboard Features
  • Simple Dashboard creation
  • Use your SQL/OLAP/ODBC/CSV data sources
  • Dashboard OLAP Analytic Features
  • Dashboard - Scheduled Subscriptions
  • Share Dashboards with Authorized Users
  • KPI and Scorecard Features
  • Dashboard Team Collaboration
  • Dashboards on Mobile Devices
  • Integrate Dashboards to Your Ap

All Dashboards and dashboard folders created within 'Kyubit Business Intelligence' web application are available to connect from mobile devices using Windows (Active Directory) credentials of the current user. User is authorized to see exact same Dashboard objects and data as with classic view of Kyubit web application. Kyubit Mobile BI can be used internally to access data from mobile devices on local intranet and wireless connection or Kyubit application can be exposed externally on the web and users can reach their local business data from anywhere. For more information please CLICK HERE into Kyubit Website

For More Videos About Kyubit Tools please CLICK HERE

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